90 Days to Become a Revenue Generating Machine

Decrease expenses by 20% or more from your usual management routine

I help executives increase profit, scalability, credibility with stakeholders and avoid layoffs

In This Program You Will:

  1. Uncover the true purpose of your next strategy step and layout how can we realize this purpose with the least amount of friction 

  2. Gain buy in from your board and fellow C-Suiters 

  3. Get the Cheat Codes: Your  step by step plan to boost employee morale, get their support for changes going forward, and have the justification for any “tough decisions” that might need to be made.

  4. Maintain momentum – Eliminate The Saboteur’s Way of Operating and create the capacity of accepting the excitement of what’s coming

  5. Check Ins – We will create contingency plans, but figuring out what you need in the short term is key.  Let’s give you your new version of healing.  I want you to be completely excited with this decision you made

Results You Can Expect

You might know that turnover costs around 2.2x your average employee’s salary but did you know the average layoff costs at least 4.5x your average employee’s salary?  

You already know that a robust performance management system would eliminate the need for a costly layoff, but do you really have upwards of $300K laying around to invest in such a system? 

What if you could:

  • Gain buy in from your stakeholders

  • Increase performance in your employees

  • Create an impenetrable barrier ensuring you would NEVER have to layoff another employee


  • Scale your company’s business…

All for less than what you spent on subscriptions last year?

Sound too good to be true?  Try me.  Book a call

Who Is This For?

Organizations in the middle of a big transition – Layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, scaling, new market share moves and more!

Spots in this program are extremely limited!!

This 90 day program is divided into 7 steps:

1. Mitigate Risk

There are risks to every business, and identifying what looms is the difference between depleting that emergency fund and turning the risk into a real opportunity -Think small appliance repair shops at risk of being put out of business by Amazon Home Services, vs the one that stays in business by becoming AHS Contractor.  That’s what we can do for you; we will make sure you stay in business, grow and scale.

2. Determine Liquidity

You have a rockstar accounting department that holds all the facts and figures.  Let us become your company’s internal consultant that marries the data to create real, actionable plans based in your company’s data proof

3. Examine Cash Flow

Let’s find that sweet spot of charging that perfect price that makes your services a STEAL for your customers and creates sustainable revenue you can be proud of.

4. Increase Efficiency

Now that you’re really flying, let’s find those little pebbles that make the gears come to a screeching halt….and toss ’em!

5. Resource Audit/Allocation

Did you know that 35% of employees report having “really good” ideas for their employers?  All they need is a space to share along with the credit and encouragement to take responsibility for implementation

6. Increase Performance

You’ve got everything in place.  Now let’s fine-tune your organization’s performance.  Does every employee know which decisions they can make autonomously and what needs a flag up the chain?  Does every employee know exactly what steps they could take and exactly where their position leads them if they follow those steps?  Let’s drive performance and create a world-class employment experience for your team.

7. Increase Market Share

Now there’s nothing stopping you from expansion.  Let’s create a blueprint for your next big transaction.

What Do People Say About Working With Carol?

About Me



3 companies get together to form a merger of equals.

Merging 2 companies is a shift, 3 is a behemoth task.

Each group told their team “We need each of you. Don’t worry about losing your jobs.” 6 months later, the “merger of equals” was looking more like a takeover: Teams wondered who’s the boss and people were definitely losing their jobs. It was a Layoff Train, leaving the station like a toddler out of preschool.

After losing market share, customers, community and internal support, profits, performance and reputation and tons of money on consultants, they were tapped out.

So what were they supposed to do now? They needed some quick
wins. Enter Carol.


In one year, I:

• Reduced turnover by 44%
• Positioned dollars towards what mattered
• Listened to employee needs, then
• Leveraged those pain points to identify the mass spends to turn
things around.




Call me. Let’s spark joy at work and eradicate that old mindset of “We don’t have enough/we need more (time, money, etc)”. Let’s stop the Toddler Layoff Train in its tracks, and create a plan so every member knows exactly where they stand and exactly how to advance organization directives. We will maintain and grow market share – That’s the reason you’re merging in the first place, right?

As CEO of the Clark Consulting Group my superhero power is taking the insurmountable and giving you super doable chunks that really align with you to help you come out victorious. I love helping organizations find and create their painless financial wins and focus on what excited them about merging in the first place.  I can’t wait to work with you!


Talking Points

On our call, ask me how to:

  • Reduce year-over-year turnover by almost 50%

  • Negotiate a mass reduction in service fees

  • Safely uncover the REAL needs your org is SCREAMING for

  • Bonus: How I lead the FDA Ebola Task Force (A very real thing)