Helping Executives Create Smooth Mergers Without Loss of Face, Profit or Employee Morale

Carol Clark

Powerhouse Services Offered

You are merging for a reason. let me help you get back to the heart of why you merged in the first place.



Uncover the true purpose of this merger and layout how can we realize this purpose with the least amount of friction.

Executive Strategic Planning Session

Gain buy in from your board and fellow C-Suiters

Get the Cheat Codes: Your step by step plan to boost employee morale, get their support for changes going forward, and have the justification for any ``tough decisions`` that might need to be made.



Maintain momentum - Eliminate The Saboteur’s Way of Operating and create the capacity of accepting the excitement of what’s coming

Check Ins - We will create contingency plans, but figuring out what you need in the short term is key. Let’s give you your new version of healing. I want you to be completely excited with this decision you made, not making any excuses for anything you’re experiencing.

About Carol

I became passionate about doing this work when I saw the devastating effects of layoffs on people’s lives, employee morale, company perception in the media, and the ability for well-meaning execs to pursue the passions that drove them to merge in the first place. Now I do whatever I can to help companies avoid unnecessary layoffs so that everyone wins.

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